Author: amandasherlock

The Change Equation

I worked for a Change Implementation firm for 17 years. Organizations often know what they need to change or achieve to succeed. They may have tried, either on their own, or with help from consulting firms to get the changes or improvements implemented with limited to no success. Because change is hard. Human beings don’t […]

Cognitive Dissonance

There is societal pressure to always be or seem, busy. We put value on doing things but, I wonder, might not doing things generate more long term value for our planet? I’ve spent my whole life doing a whole lot of things. I’ve been fortunate to benefit financially from travelling around the world doing lots […]

Beach Clean Up

First time today doing an organized beach clean up. I think beach cleanups are inefficient. We should not be creating these types of packaging materials in the first place. We should not be relying on private citizens, and especially not volunteering teenagers, to clean up the poor packaging choices of manufacturers. Plastic packaging is not […]

The Contest

I was honored to receive an ‘honorable mention’ for ‘meaningful message’ in Susanna Leonard Hill’s 2021 fun Holiday Writing Contest (about a Holiday Contest). The talent of my fellow writers in the community in breathtaking. By Amanda Sherlock Word Count: 240It’s holiday time again. My friends at school are excited. “I’ve asked for a remote-control […]

Fall Frenzy Writing Contest Submission

Photo Credit: Halloween, Danielle Rae Peter Pumpkin By: Amanda Sherlock Word Count = 198 “We have this same decoration again?” I kick the stand.“Stop it Henry. You know how hard I worked to refurbish Peter Pumpkin.”“But look at Matt’s new decorations.”Mom glances at our neighbor’s driveway. The corners of her lips turn down.“Come on inside. […]

My Wishcycling Conundrum

Like many people, I try. I try to recycle. I don’t want to throw things in a landfill so I place everything that is allowed in my single stream recycling bin once every two weeks. Recently I found out that only 14% of our trash is recycled in my county and that we have a […]