My unpublished manuscripts are children’s fiction with Sustainability themes

Custodians of Earth

Chapter Book Series:
Nine-year-old Sarah, deeply troubled by global warming, refuses to stand idly by. She time travels into the next millennium bringing back sustainable ideas she knows will improve our world. After her increasingly absurd attempts to get the people around her to change their habits all fail, she is forced to adapt before time travel authorities erase her memory and she loses all hope of healing our world.

  • ‘Green Glory’, introduces regenerative farming
  • ‘Plastic is Fantastic?’ reveals better ways to use and reuse plastic
  • ‘Gold Mine’ explores the above-ground ‘urban mines’ of precious metals in all our discarded electronics and machines

Going Circular


In this STEM/environment-themed picture book Charly and Deon explore natural processes such as The Water Cycle, the new growth of plants, and marine webs. They imagine how humans can mimic nature and complete the circle without producing any waste.

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