Author: amandasherlock

Question Everything?

These people that don’t believe anything that mainstream media or ‘#MSM’ tells them. They say to ‘question everything’. Like, everything, everything? Obviously, lots of people recently wanted to question the efficacy of vaccines. It’s a relatively new disease that disrupted the whole world. Lots of people had to get uncomfortable. Couldn’t go for a haircut, […]


Inspired by True Events. Our children don’t always need ‘positivity’ and ‘happiness’ from us. They need us to act. Manatee moans. Tree trembles. Grandma gags in smog. Boy beseeches. Big People yell, “Money! Money!” “But my future?” cries Boy. Big People ignore. Boy travels to Government on a school holiday. “The climate crisis will be […]


This week my hometown of Miami was infamously cited as an example of maladaptation in the latest IPCC report. “Attempts to fix the problem by installing new stormwater pumps and raising roads and buildings may have actually made inequality worse by raising property values….It was one of the global report’s key examples of “maladaptation,” when […]

Proud to be ‘Woke’

Yesterday my son got in the car and called me a ‘woke liberal’. Putting aside the fact that we still don’t know if he seriously believes these things (which would be disappointing but manageable) or is just trolling his mother which is highly likely because he has always been a mischievous sort, it gave us […]

The Elephant

…in the Climate Change room; Let’s talk about it. The fact that hundreds of thousands of people, human beings, go to work every day to do what we now call ‘dirty jobs’ that are destroying our planet. They do not (most of them) wake up every day and say ‘hmm, let me see how much […]

Stop. Buying. New. Stuff

That’s it. That is what we, the average person, can do to most impact climate change. Stop buying new things. Don’t buy a new car (even if it’s electric), a new shirt, a new dress, a new phone, a new power tool, a new toy for your child. That is what you can do. And […]

Are you a Climate Denier?

Am I? They say it’s an ‘emergency’. All the best climate scientists, 95% of them. The proper scientists say we only have 6-8 more years to change our ways and pull back from the brink. They say this is going to happen probably by 2030, possibly before your next big birthday celebration or your retirement. […]

Raising White Men

I attended a small webinar about a year ago. I cannot even remember what it was about but it was around climate action so I guess it’s all the same thing. We know it’s an emergency but how do we get legislatures to act? The only thing that stayed with me from that call was […]