Are you a Climate Denier?

Am I? They say it’s an ‘emergency’. All the best climate scientists, 95% of them. The proper scientists say we only have 6-8 more years to change our ways and pull back from the brink. They say this is going to happen probably by 2030, possibly before your next big birthday celebration or your retirement. We will all likely, hopefully, be here in 2030 to acknowledge that WE all (collectively) contributed to the earth’s irreversible demise. Smart people who believe in science (like us) listen to the experts right?

What do you do in an emergency? You grab what you need, what is critical for survival. You grab identifying documents, some cash, hopefully your family and pets, in some climates a warm coat, maybe some keepsakes and you RUN.

You most certainly change your plans and your behavior. You don’t just go to work like nothing has changed or continue to sit on your couch and watch Netflix. You run.

So why are you still thinking about getting that new car, or that kitchen remodel? And why do I keep wondering if I need a new couch? We are logical people, not conspiracy theorists. We believe in science, right?

We’ve known for decades what we need to do to combat climate change. Our existing TAKE.MAKE.WASTE economy is destroying our planet. Our individual and collective daily consumption habits are going to cause acidification of the oceans and extinction of (more) species if we do not start to make significant changes. Yet most of us are still walking around like it’s 1985 and we don’t know any of this. Therefore, with the notable exception of the brave young people on Climat Strike and in Extinction Rebellion, we must all be Climate Deniers.

They say it’s an EMERGENCY!!!