Author: amandasherlock

What We Have To Give Up

I like to think about what we will have to give up. And when I say ‘we’ I mean ‘me’. To live in harmony and balance on earth. What will I have to give up out of my daily life? By 2018, if everyone on earth lived like Americans we would have already used up […]

Our Policies are Failing Us

I sat in my privilege today. I used my spare time today to log in to the websites of three different mailers that go to my mailbox to unsubscribe. I spent the time to search for the number and look up ‘xyz mailing unsubscribe’ and completed the process. I did it because I have time […]

We Are Bred For Comfort

Modern generations of humans have been bred for comfort, and convenience, including myself. I love hot water running out of my tap, plumbing (working toilets!) inside my own home and, above all else, I think I might actually die if I could not escape the oppressive Florida heat inside of an air-conditioned room. I love […]

All Coral Reefs Are Dying…Soon

I got out the ocean after snorkeling in Cozumel, turned to the boys and said, “Do you know why mummy is so psychotic about climate change? Because in 10 years, if we don’t fix it, this will all be gone.” For over a decade, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has been warning us about […]

Conveniences as a Service

Our water heater stopped working this week. It came with our house, which we have been in for over 17 years so it’s at least as old as that. I looked up online to see how long water heaters are supposed to last and the answer is 8-12 years. So after consulting with our trusted […]

Time to Get Serious

I was honored to be published in The Invading Sea today. The time to be tentative and believe that someone else is going to fix this is past. This is not inevitable, but we have run out of time to agree that we all share the same goal of a livable climate for our children […]