The Contest

I was honored to receive an ‘honorable mention’ for ‘meaningful message’ in Susanna Leonard Hill’s 2021 fun Holiday Writing Contest (about a Holiday Contest). The talent of my fellow writers in the community in breathtaking.

By Amanda Sherlock

Word Count: 240
It’s holiday time again.

My friends at school are excited.

“I’ve asked for a remote-control car,” Matt says.

“I’m getting a Disney Cruise. My parents are trying to hide it, but I’ve figured it out,” Jennifer says.

“That’s so cool. I want Road Slayers 2000 for my PS5,” Fred says. “What are you getting Jake?”

I don’t know what I’ll get.

My mom lost her job this year, so we don’t have much money right now.

I don’t want to ask for things I know we can’t afford.

I know my mom will try to get them.

On Christmas Day, I sit with my large family and eat all my favorite foods.

I feel a warm glow in my tummy.

After lunch, I play football in the street with my brothers and cousins.

We laugh and tumble in the wet grass.

The sun sets and we move back inside and gather around the best desserts and ice cream.

When her song comes on, I ask my Nana to dance.

She smiles and wobbles up out her chair to stand facing me with glassy eyes.

Nana’s grip is surprisingly strong as she clutches me to her musty warm chest.

We soar around our small living room with my huge family all around us loudly singing and cheering.

I glance at my mom, who is smiling at me through her tears, swaying slowly to the song.

That’s when I know I’ve won.