Fall Frenzy Writing Contest Submission

Photo Credit: Halloween, Danielle Rae

Peter Pumpkin

By: Amanda Sherlock

Word Count = 198

“We have this same decoration again?”
I kick the stand.
“Stop it Henry. You know how hard I worked to refurbish Peter Pumpkin.”
“But look at Matt’s new decorations.”
Mom glances at our neighbor’s driveway. The corners of her lips turn down.
“Come on inside. It’s time for dinner.”
“That’s enough.”

I shove my mashed potatoes around my plate with my fork.
“Mom, if it’s the money, I’ll use my pocket money to buy new decorations. Don’t worry.”
“It’s not the money son.”
“Then what?”
Mom stares at me for a long moment, her chin resting on her hands.
“I’ll make you a deal. This will be the last year we use Peter Pumpkin.”
“Yes. The catch is you come with me on a field trip the day after Halloween.”

On Halloween night, my candy haul is gigantic. I have fun with my friends and forget all about Peter Pumpkin.

“Ready?” Mom asks, shaking me awake.
“For what?”
“Our field trip.”

Mom pulls Peter out and rests him in the car.
We drive to the neighborhood dumpster. It’s overflowing with decorations, including Matt’s.
“Go ahead, throw him in,” Mom nods encouragingly.
Clutching Peter, I hesitate.